How to Invest

Exclusive Investment Network

Finding an investment tool is not hard today, but finding an excellent investment opportunity can be a challenge. B-Seed offers something different for accredited investors.

Our team of seasoned experts are made up from the fields of information technology, engineering, biotechnology, manufacturing and logistics and is backed by partners from renowned patent and accounting firms. With offices in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem and third in New York, we are in a unique position to navigate Israel’s startup playing field and quickly identify the best early stage technologies.

With our ears to the ground, we seek out unique investment opportunities in Israeli innovation. With so many startups, how do we select the ones that maximize the return on investment? Our team of experts analyze the new technology to determine the potential while our investment group does due diligence. Together, they make a recommendation to the B-Seed board on which early stage Israeli startups they feel would most likely grow the financial investments of investors.

Four steps to start investing

We offer a choice of investing in either individual startups or a basket of companies. Usually, the minimum investment is either a direct investment in one company of $10,000 or an investment of $20,000 in a basket of companies.

Review the different companies and baskets that we are currently offering and decide in which companies you would like to invest.

  1. Read the Investor Accreditation Policy and Standard Investment Terms, then the fill in the registration form for accredited investors and we will contact you to get the ball rolling.
  2. Once your application is approved, we will send you the terms and conditions as well as a contract.
  3. After you send back the documents and funds you will receive a certificate for shares in the unit.

That’s all there is to it!

We encourage you to watch your investments grow and we send an update every quarter with news about the company. We usually maintain our position for two or three years, which is just around the time the typical startup starts raising money for the series A round of venture capital financing. We understand that financial situations change and if you need to cash out before that time, we find someone to buy the shares.