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About Fertigo

There is a significant unmet need to improve the current low success rates of IVF treatments, resulting in savings amounting to billions of dollars. Current success rates are less than30% of all cycles.

New York, NY Accepting International Investment

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Fertigo is a medical device company set to transform In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) treatment success rates through its proprietary technology which is able to determine the optimal uterine readiness for implantation through continuous real time in-vivo monitoring.There is a significant unmet need to improve the current low success rates of IVF treatments, resulting in savings amounting to billions of dollars. Currentsuccessratesarelessthan30% of all cycles. Thus, a technology that would increase these by only 5% is expected to become the standard of care.

The Unmet Clinical Need: To Increase the Success Rates of IVF Treatments

  • The average IVF success rate per treatment cycle is 29% (all ages) dropping sharply with age, reaching only 11% for women aged 41 – 42 yrs.
  • Strategies to increase the IVF success rate are currently aimed at accurate endometrium thickness determination (e.g. 3D ultrasound).
  • There is currently no direct access to the structural parameters of the endometrium to further support evidence-based treatments

Fertigo: Substantially Increasing the Success Rates of IVF Treatments

  • To provide information on the status of the endometrium prior to implantation, Fertigo has identified a unique path to access morphological parameters that are frequently used for interpreting the optimal endometrial cycle timing for implantation (aka “Endometrium dating”).
  • Utilizing a mini probe and camera placed at the lower end of the uterus (Figure 1), Fertigo’s device continuously collects these real time in-vivo endometrial parameters. The images are transmitted digitally to provide the physician with the optimal implantation timeframe.
  • The device is then removed from the uterus prior to implantation. Fertigo’s process may also spare the unnecessary waste of frozen embryos.
  • This first-of-its kind personalized medical device provides direct visualization and real time endometrial status assessment, unique to each individual patient.

Market Opportunity: North America and Europe

  • Fertility clinic success rates play a key role in driving individual patient selection in a fiercely competitive market.
  • IVF treatments amount to 180,000 cycles per year in the USA and 500,000cycles per year in Europe.
  • The summed TAM (Total Available Market) of North America and Europe is $7.0billion.
  • An increase of 50% in the cycles’ success rate translates to $3.5billion and an increase of merely 5% translates to $350million annually.

Investment Funding

  • Fertigo is currently seeking $2.0millionSeriesAfunding to primarily continue the clinical trial program as well as extending its IP and completing the prototype design.
  • As of today, the company has secured $500,000 from an Israeli based fund and $500,000 non-dilutive grant from the Israeli Innovation Authority, subject to milestone achievements, with a potential similar grant in 2020.

Company Background

Founded: July 2014.

Current Status

  • IP (Intellectual Property) portfolio established, including one patent in national phase (9 territories).
  • Fully developed automatic software.
  • Successfully completed preclinicaltrials.
  • Initiated clinicaltrials.
  • Initial seed funding: $250,000
  • Estimated Total Time-to-Market: 2 – 3 years


Dr. Tsafrir Kolatt (PhD)

CEO & Co-founder

Experience: Deputy CEO of Medigus (TASE, NASDAQ: MDGS); led successful FDA processes in several companies.

Dr. Yuval Or (MD)

Medical Director

Experience: Senior IVF expert at Kaplan Medical Center; Head of Gynecology Program for MDs at the Hebrew University.


Mr. Oded Tamir

Executive Chairperson & Co-founder

Experience: 25 years in medical devices (CEO, COO & CFO, MOB). Led over $250M funding, $750M in sales and M&A transactions.


FERTIGO Medical Ltd.