Oded Eliashiv

Managing Partner

Mr. Eliashiv (LLB) is the Head of Development in the Besadno Group. Oded has vast experience in the Israeli startup industry, having led numerous ventures in leading companies including Excellence Capital Group (Singapore), Excellence AgriTech Solutions (Cambodia), Slyde, ElectroPep, Beyond Interactive and Epos Technologies. Using his extensive experience in the startup ecosystem, Oded is now…

Gabby Hasson

Managing Partner
30 years experience in tech and investments. MBA, NY

Gabby has over 25 years of proven experience in the Investment, IT and cutting-edge technology space in navigating and uncovering opportunities for excellent growth and profitability. Previously, Gabby held management, Investment, and business development positions, at CB Alliance (VC), IBM, and HP, as well as Mashik Consulting and CTI. He specialized in uncovering and enhancing…

Eliezer Gross

Founder and Managing Partner
30 years experience in business entrepreneurship

With over 30 years of experience launching business ventures in Israel, the United States, and Europe, Mr. Gross is a true entrepreneur. He was a founding partner of the American GBM Group, one of the largest retail chains in Israel. Active in dozens of startup initiatives and companies worldwide, In 2011, Eli started The Besadno…