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Nir Zioni
+972-52-6263340, nir@class.me

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K-12 Students Lack Effective Tools for Social Learning with Their Classmates

Kids go to school every day and as soon as they leave the classroom, they leave the experience of group and social learning. Once upon a time, kids would do homework together or in groups. Today they live in a virtual world, where they constantly communicate via chat or messaging. So they attempt to use apps such as WhatsApp, FB groups/messenger, etc. to create “virtual study groups”. This adds a lot of noise, information overload, no way to track and search for what was discussed, not to mention many distractions since these tools are not meant for study groups. And even more pressing problem – kids don’t even remember where they write down their assignments, so half the chat is spent asking “What’s the assignment?” There is not yet an effective solution that enables group learning and communication, connecting students with each other and their teachers, on one dedicated platform.

Class.Me - Learning Together is Better

ClassMe is a mobile app that enables real time social communication, learning and sharing for students in the same class. This includes all classroom learning – from homework assignment sharing and preparation to studying for tests and even consulting with their teacher. ClassMe helps them organize their assignments and prepare for them in a timely manner. The app encourages children to complete assignments by giving them a safe place to ask and answer questions.

Watch the CEO of Class.Me Nir Zioni and the principal of Abrams Hebrew Academy Ira Budow promote the app.



Organizes all Assignments

All assignments and test dates organized in one place and prioritized by due date, with notifications of important deadlines.

Chat per Exercise

Each exercise has its own dedicated section, organized by page and number, allowing students to see what was already asked and answered.

Help is Always Available

No student left behind – they can get assistance from peers or their teacher – saving money on tutors and their parent’s time and sanity – paid help is available when needed.

Be Heard

Students who are the wallflowers in class feel more comfortable chatting and this increases their bond with the class. Also, teacher gets a 360° view of the student’s progress.

Searchable Message Archives

All assignments and discussions are automatically archived, allowing students to search for older materials to help them study for fnals.


Friendly competitions and leader board – making it feel more social and like the classroom.

Teacher’s Time is Respected

No more intrusive chats, teacher can answer questions at their convenience, maintaining privacy.

Addressable Market

The global K-12 e-learning market is valued at $39B set to hit $69B in 2017. ClassMe is part of the “Social Learning/Communities” market within the bigger market, in 2015 valued at $3B, set to hit $5.6B by 2017. The online tutoring market is $11.7B. In Israel, the tutoring market is estimated at $260M. 1 out of 2 students in Israel are receive private tutoring. Looking at the e-learning trends, students are looking to be 100% mobile – they need the speed and ease of chatting that they are used to. They also are used to the instant gratifcation of an answer. Social learning is also growing and more companies attempting to capture the market. Remind, a tool that allows communication between Parents, Teachers and students raised $60M with no sales or monetization model. In its frst year in business (2014), Yup claimed 100K sign-ups and 200K math-tutoring sessions. Today they have 500K sign-ups and have raised $7M

Go-to-Market Strategies

We intend to start with Israel, then Australia and then the US – starting with the high school classes and working our way down to lower classes.

1. Student Ambassadors

We are identifying key leaders in student communities who will be our ambassadors and spread the word

2. Partnering with Teachers

Teachers also become ambassadors, recommending that their class uses ClassMe.

3. Online Presence

Targeted Social ads, Google, blogs, etc.

Business Model

When extra help is needed the students can connect to online tutors – a percentage is taken by ClassMe (charge per minute)

Preparation for exams, answers to old tests – highly focused materials for each class’ needs

Connecting students to after-school activities around them with a lead generation model

Allowing everything from ordering supplies to pizza

Service Model

When extra help is needed the students can connect to online tutors – a percentage is taken by ClassMe (charge per minute)

Paid Materials

Preparation for exams, answers to old tests – highly focused materials for each class’ needs

Extracurricular Activities

Connecting students to after-school activities around them with a lead generation model

Chat bots

Allowing everything from ordering supplies to pizza

Funding Requirements

Seeking Funding to be used for R&D, sales and marketing. This will take us to 12 months, with working classes in Israel, positioned for global scaling.


Current Status

  • Company launched: 10/16
  • ~20K users in less than 3 months (10% of the relevant Israeli market)
  • High App Usage
  • Penetrating the global market
  • Seed Funded
  • 9 employees

Key Investment Merits

  • E-learning is a huge and growing market, with $2B invested last year
  • No effective social learning tools currently exist
  • Students are used to communicating via chat – chats aren’t built for studying
  • ClassMe allows social learning and help for peers
  • Strong team
  • Working with key students & teachers to develop a student-centric app

The Team

Nir Zioni, Co-Founder & CEO

– Serial Entrepreneur
– Consulted 21 startups leading to successful funding rounds
– Extensive experience (over 15 years) in Global Business Development strategy and fnance consulting working with large organizations such as PWC and Deloitte

Amir Lis, Co-Founder & COO

– High School Teacher and Private Math Tutor (10 years and over 1,000 students)
– Education Entrepreneur
– Innovative High school Educator blending technology with education
– BA in Math and Education, MBA – TAU

Lior Lasry, Co-Founder & CTO

– Technology Innovation Leader with over 19 years of experience
– Vast experience in building & leading teams and technologies
– Hands on experience in building large scale complex Web and Mobile platforms

Competitive Landscape

There are 3 main competitor types:

1. Chats

(WhatsApp, Snapchat, FB Messenger, Slack) today’s students feel very comfortable communicating via chats, but these chats aren’t built for study groups and make it difficult to track and search information and knowledge shared.

2. Online Tutorials

(Yup, Got It!, Tutor.com). These are chat apps and portals allowing students to engage with online tutors, paying per minute. This doesn’t address the social learning and sharing aspect.

3. Communication Tools

(Remind, ClassDojo, ClassMessenger) – Providing a communication tool. It can’t be used without a parent or teacher being connected and focuses on reminders for assignments and not solving problems together.

Our Vision

Bonding classmates through a shared learning experience, creating support and friendships that deepen the educational connection both online and offline by becoming the default place for social learning.

Class.Me is the frst mobile app that focuses on K-12 students, their classmates and their unique needs, providing them with a safe space to communicate, share, learn together and bond as well as keep assignments organized.