About Us

Investing in Early Stage Startups with B-Seed

B-Seed was created for the specific purpose of finding Israeli innovative technology at an early stage, investing in the startup and exiting within a few subsequent rounds, in order to generate outstanding returns for our investors.

Our team is made up of seasoned experts from the fields of information technology, engineering, biotechnology, manufacturing and logistics and is backed by partners from renowned patent and accounting firms. With offices in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem and third in New York, we are in a unique position to navigate Israel’s startup playing field and quickly identify the best early stage technologies. After carefully vetting these companies and doing our due diligence to determine if they are worthy of B-Seed investments, we select the startups that we feel will generate the highest return on investment.

We not only identify and invest in these startups; we complement their abilities with essential added value, such as connections, beta test sites, industry experts and consultants, as well as outside investors and even customers. By utilizing our network of contacts and resources, these new companies gain a solid foundation in order to parlay an idea into a successful company. Many of our team members are entrepreneurs who have run both large and small businesses and have been through the highs and lows of starting new ventures. Their advice and guidance is invaluable in achieving success and changing the status quo in their respective industries.

Whether the company is the accelerator or incubator stage, we are prepared to help it to grow to the next stage.